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You don’t need to stay silent about being hungry any longer.

There are people around you who understand and are waiting to hear from you.

They want to help.

Start with one of these

student talking to helpful adult in office

Look for an assistance office

Check if your campus has an assistance office to help students find food and other basic needs. Many do!
Other offices who may offer assistance: Student Health Center, Student Affairs Office, office of Dean of Students.

Check for a SingleStop office

Discover if there is a SingleStop office on yur campus. They help with federal assistance like SNAP, aka food stamps.

Look for a food pantry

See if your campus has a food pantry, where you will find food and also real live people who want to help and can point you in other helpful directions.

Check your eligibility for Work Study

Find out if you are eligible for Work Study with the Financial Aid Office. If you are and you get a job, you can also apply for SNAP.

pssst - if you already work 20 hrs/wk anywhere and/or have a dependent, you might already be eligible for SNAP!

Google this!

“(your campus name) food insecurity”
You might be surprised what you find!

Google this!

“(your campus name) student advocacy”
If you find one, you’ll also find understanding and helpful people. Who knows... Maybe some day you’ll want to return the favor and help others just like you.

Use ShareMeals

Download and use the ShareMeals app. Meet someone who has extra meal swipes, share a meal, make a friend.

Find a house of worship

Many are filled with real people who want to to help college students. Some have food pantries or events with free food.

"Do what you can, where you are, with what you have."

-Teddy Roosevelt