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When money is tight,

it's always useful to know how to make

the food you have last longer

Try one of these hacks

student shopping in food pantry

Cook it or freeze it

If you have food that is about to go bad, you can cook it and freeze it to give it a longer life

Wrap broccoli in foil

Tight foil around broccoli can make it stay fresh in the fridge for four weeks.

Put onions in tights

If you slip onions into a pair of tights and tie them up, they will stay fresh for up to eight months (but keep them away from potatoes!).

Wash berries in vinegar

A mixture of one part vinegar and three parts water will get rid of bacteria and extend their life.

Keep bananas away from everything

And wrap the tip of a bunch of bananas tightly in plastic wrap.

The 'sell-by' date doesn't mean throw it away

Most dates, especially on shelf stable items, are just dates on which the manufacturer will no longer vouch for the product, but it is often still edible. Look for obvious signs of spoilage, not a sell-by date.

Use rice or other grains

Rice is such an inexpensive staple. Add it to your meal to make food last longer or to make small meals bigger.