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There are hungry students on your campus and you’ve probably unknowingly met many of them.

Hunger is often a “silent” issue on campus because of fear or shame to talk about it.

Even some students on meal plans don’t get enough to eat.

It's time to take action!

students helping in food pantry

Be compassionate and non-judgmental if you learn of someone who does not have enough to eat

Volunteer at the food pantry

If there is a campus food pantry, volunteer your time or donate food. If not, get your student government involved to start one and check out how to run one.

Start a campus community garden

Ask college leaders to help start a campus community garden to feed students in need.

Participate in Swipe Out Hunger Program

Download Swipe Out Hunger and donate your unused meal plan dollars or work with your school to start it if it’s not available.

Help increase awareness

Ask your college to increase awareness and provide valuble info by requiring a syllabus statement for every course.

Raise awareness.
Reduce the stigma.
Meet basic needs.
Be the change.